Parking in the Garages

Garage parking in downtown Ithaca and Collegetown is an affordable and accessible option for residents and visitors alike. All four Ithaca garages have elevators, offer a better hourly parking rate than on-street parking, have covered parking (not guaranteed, but often available), an automated system, and you don’t have to parallel park!

For a short-term visitor, all parking garages charge $1/hour. Rates become cheaper if you purchase a parking permit; permits are especially useful if you are a downtown or Collegetown employee.

The City of Ithaca sells parking permits for three of the four garages in Ithaca:

  • Green Street Garage
  • Seneca Street Garage
  • Dryden Road Garage

AllPro Parking manages the Cayuga Street Garage

All permits are sold for flexible 30 day periods that generally expire 30 days after purchase. Green St., Seneca St. and Dryden Rd. parking garages are considered short term parking and patrons who purchase parking permits in any of these three garages are required to move their vehicles every 72 hours.  Without a permit, vehicles must be moved every 24 hours.  If a vehicle has not been moved for more than 72 hours, it may be subject to additional fees, considered abandoned, and subject to towing at the owner’s expense.  The Cayuga St. garage offers long-term parking where vehicles may be parked in the same space for more than 72 hours at a time.

Purchasing a Monthly Permit Pass

Monthly permit passes for the three city-managed garages(Green St., Seneca St., Dryden Rd.) can be purchased from the City Chamberlain’s office on the first floor in City Hall.

The Chamberlain’s office accepts cash, check or money order for payment in person.  NO CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS.  Please know your vehicle make, model and license plate number when applying for your parking permit.  Once you have set up your monthly pass, you can continue to renew in person or online.  Learn more about recurring and online renewal payments through the Chamberlain’s office HERE.

To purchase a monthly parking pass for the Cayuga St. garage, please visit the AllPro Parking website or call Terry at (607) 256-7275.

Click here for monthly permit pricing inside all garages.