Parking on the Street

City of Ithaca Parking Pay Station Machines

On-street parking is available to residents and visitors running errands and stopping in at locally owned businesses in downtown Ithaca and Collegetown. Just look for the parking signs for the Parking Pay Station Machines like the one above. New in August 2015, the City of Ithaca now uses pay stations so that customers can pay for on-street parking with more than coins; the pay stations accept coins, cash, and credit or debit cards. The pay stations also provide the option to send you notifications when time is running out.

DSCF6733On-street parking is $1.50/hour in downtown Ithaca and Collegetown. The primary rationale for this price discrepancy is to encourage employees and people parking downtown for several hours to park in the garages so that more space is available at street-level spaces for people running errands. Parking at street-level spaces is enforced from 9AM – 6PM, Monday – Friday. Parking is free after 6PM and before 9AM and on the weekends.

Patrons are able to renew their time period at the pay machine, meaning that you don’t have to end your appointment early to feed the meter.EBP2Provide your phone number at the time of payment and you’ll be texted a reminder when your time at the pay machine is almost up; if you paid with a credit card, you can add time to your space with the parking text message system (Note: this system works for both “smart phone” users and regular phone users).

Need to find the nearest pay station or need more information about how they work? Click here: Pay Station Information


Pre-Paid Scratch-Off Cards

DSCF6699In June 2016, the City of Ithaca instituted a two-year pilot program for a scratch-off parking system for patrons planning to park on the streets of downtown Ithaca or Collegetown. With the scratch-off parking system, patrons can purchase scratch-off cards in a range of time denominations at most of the  locations where City of Ithaca trash tags are sold, including grocery stores, Ithaca Agway, and the City Chamberlain’s office at City Hall (see the full list here).

When you arrive at a metered space in downtown Ithaca or Collegetown, just scratch-off the time you begin parking on your scratch-off card, hang it from your mirror or place it on your dashboard in clear view, and you’re all set!

Note:  The City will continue to honor the 2018 Scratch-Off Cards after December 31, 2018.  

Parkmobile AppDSCF6733

Use of the Parkmobile App became available in the City of Ithaca in August 2015. The Parkmobile App allows drivers to pay for parking with their smartphones using Parkmobile’s mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones. By paying through the Parkmobile App, you will not need to pay at a pay station.