Parking Pay Stations


Parking in Ithaca is easier than ever using Ithaca’s new solar-powered parking pay stations.  Stations are conveniently located around Downtown Ithaca and Collegetown.  The new machines offer a variety of features including accepting multiple forms of payment, options to receive notification when time is running out, and the ability to redeem parking coupons.

On-street parking is $1.50/hour and parking in the downtown and Collegetown garages is $1/hour. The primary rationale for this price discrepancy is to encourage employees and people parking downtown for several hours to park in the garages so that more space is available at street-level spaces for people running errands. On-street parking is enforced from 9AM – 6PM, Monday – Friday. Parking is free on the street weekdays after 6PM and before 9AM. Parking is free on the weekends and on national holidays.

Step-by-Step Instructions for using a street parking pay station:

  1. Know your license plate number before you get to the pay station.
  2. Press any button to activate the pay machine (machine is in power saving mode).
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to enter license plate # and payment.
  4. When asked if you’d like to receive a text notification, enter a phone number where you can be reached during that pay session.

Pay Stations accept cash, coins, credit cards, or debit cards

Text-to-Extend parking session

Ithaca’s new pay stations offer you the opportunity to receive a notification and add more time to your parking session.  When setting up your payment, provide a phone number where you can receive the notification.  If you want the ability to add more time, you must pay for parking with a credit or debit card. The video below helps illustrate how to set up your notification:

Downtown Ithaca Locations | Collegetown Locations