How Hilby parks in Ithaca

The City of Ithaca and the Downtown Ithaca Alliance partnered with local company Well Said Media to create a couple delightfully entertaining, instructional videos about parking in Ithaca.  Watch as Hilby, The Skinny German Juggler navigates parking in Ithaca!

Parking in Ithaca – a General Overview (CC)

Street Parking in Ithaca (CC)

Garage Parking in Ithaca (CC)

Want to drive downtown and not worry about where to park? 
Starting Thursday, March 2nd, valet parking is coming to Downtown Ithaca. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA) announced that a pilot valet parking program will be tested during the month of March.
The valet parking program is made possible through the assistance of two major Downtown hotels—the Ithaca Marriott and the Hilton Garden Inn. Both hotels operate valet parking services for their own patrons but have agreed to work with the DIA on a community valet parking program for anyone using Downtown.
The pilot program will be available on Downtown’s busiest days- Thursday through Sunday between the hours of noon and 10:00 pm.
Using the valet parking program is simple. Simply drive up to the curb at the entrance of either the Ithaca Marriott on Aurora Street or the Hilton Garden Inn on Seneca Street. Valet staff from the hotel will ask if you are a hotel or community guest and take your car from that point. When you return, simply come to the same drop off place with your valet stub and staff will retrieve your vehicle.
The price for this special service is $3.00 per hour. Each hotel has its own all day or overnight rate.
The pilot program will last the entire month of March and continuation will be evaluated at that time.
Valet Hours:
Thursdays – Sundays  |  12pm – 10pm
Valet Rate:
All day/flat rates differ at each hotel.  Please ask your attendant when you drop-off your car.
Valet Locations:
Available at the Ithaca Marriott and the Hilton Garden Inn
Drive up to the hotel entrance, and look for a parking attendant or see an attendant at the front desk.
For additional questions about valet parking, please call the Downtown Ithaca Alliance: (607) 277-8679

Skip the parking hassle!  Valet your car downtown!

Recognizing a need for more accessible and easy to find pay stations, this past year, the City of Ithaca installed 23 new on-street parking pay stations in existing metered parking zones, bringing the combined total pay stations in Ithaca to 48.

Now there is a pay station on nearly every side of the street where there is on-street parking.  Customers should no longer have to cross the street to pay for parking, and with more stations, it will eliminate lines for paying to park.

map of downtown pay station locations  |  map of collegetown pay station locations


Pre-Paid Street Parking Scratch-off cards

The City of Ithaca has implemented a two-year pilot program for a scratch-off parking system for patrons planning to park on the streets in downtown Ithaca or Collegetown.

With the scratch-off parking system, patrons can purchase scratch-off cards in a range of 5 different denominations at most locations where City of Ithaca trash tags are sold.

Locations where the cards are available for sale:

  • City Chamberlain’s Office inside City Hall 
  • Grocery Stores in Ithaca: Tops, Greenstar Cooperative Markets, and P&C Fresh
  • Ithaca Agway
  • Green Street Pharmacy
  • Tompkins County Office for the Aging
  • Lifelong
  • Downtown Visitor Center & East Shore Visitor Center

Scratch-off card Rates:

Scratch-off card rates will be based on the street parking hourly rate of $1.50/hour,  and available in the following pre-paid increments: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours.

How to Use the Cards:

When you arrive at a metered parking space on the street, just scratch off the current date and start time for your parking session on the scratch-off card–round up to the nearest 1/4 hour. Hang it on your rearview mirror with numbers facing out to window or place face-up on dashboard in clear view, and you’re all set!

Make sure all bubbles indicating date and time are scratched off correctly and scratch card is displayed correctly so you are not issued a ticket by mistake.

Cards can also be used in combination. Is your appointment 1 hour, but it might take you 1 hour and 15 minutes including getting to and from the office or waiting to be seen?  Activate a 1 hour and a 15 minute card and place both of them side-by-side on your dashboard in clear sight.

Scracth-off card in photo is a sample only and not the actual card.  Image intended ONLY to demonstrate where and how to display card inside the car.  Card can also be placed on dashboard, face-up.